Clinton Foundation Pay-To-Play Model [INFOGRAPHIC]


“Clinton Foundation ‘Pay to Play’ Model Under Investigation”

“The MOU satisfied lawmakers and the media, and Clinton was near-unanimously confirmed in January 2009. However, the MOU was violated almost immediately, and would be so repeatedly (in spirit and in letter) throughout Clinton’s tenure. For example, from the beginning of Clinton’s tenure in 2009, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) never reported any of its foreign donors, as acknowledged by CHAI spokeswoman Maura Daley in 2015. Other significant violations include the failure to report donors annually, the failure to disclose foreign government donations, and the failure to submit donations and speech payments for ethics reviews.

Absent the blanket immunity document, every payment to the Clintons from foreign entities with interests that Secretary Clinton could influence was, at best, a potential conflict of interest and, at worst, a bribe.

The pattern of payments to the Clintons reveals how intertwined money and power are. When the Clintons had the power to grant political favors, their income and donations skyrocketed. Bill Clinton’s speaking fees tripled during Hillary Clinton’s tenure.

Almost immediately after Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, donations by foreign governments sharply dropped. According to the Clinton Foundation’s 2014 IRS filing, total contributions amounted to $217,832,954. The foundation’s 2017 filing revealed contributions amounting to just $22,843,211. This means support for the Clintons’ global charitable enterprise fell by nearly 90 percent.

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